Dimplex Ignitexl 100″ Trim Accessory Kit


  • The Dimplex Ignitexl 100” Trim Accessory Kit enables easy installation of a fire-featuring wall in 2×4 construction walls, requiring minimal installation depth and using standard materials.
  • This kit is highly versatile and can be installed on both interior and exterior walls, maximising the available floor space.
  • The sleek design of the kit ensures that it will blend in seamlessly with any décor while creating an elegant profile.
  • The kit includes simple instructions that make it straightforward to install without the need for professional help.
  • Constructed from premium quality materials, the kit is robust and reliable, allowing you to enjoy a warm ambiance without compromising on safety standards.
  • The included trim pieces are designed specifically to fit perfectly with the IgniteXL 100” electric fireplace model for maximum efficiency in use.
  • With this accessory kit, you can easily add a touch of style to your home or commercial property as well as increase its value significantly by incorporating a modern feature into its design.

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The Dimplex Ignitexl 100″ Trim Accessory Kit is an essential addition to the stunning IgniteXL® Linear Electric Fireplace. This accessory allows you to install the IgniteXL® in any wall, no matter its thickness. The trim design of this kit has a minimalist edge that makes for a sleek and seamless addition to any décor. Plus, with just 2” x 4” of wall space needed for installation, it’s easy to fit the IgniteXL® almost anywhere using standard construction materials.

This accessory kit includes everything you need to successfully install your fireplace without taking up too much of your square footage. With the included instructions and tools, installation is simple and straightforward. You’ll also be pleased to know that with this trim kit, there won’t be any visible mounting holes or gaps between the fireplace and the wall surface.

The Dimplex Ignitexl 100″ Trim Accessory Kit offers maximum versatility when it comes to incorporating a beautiful electric fireplace into your home décor. Whether you have an interior or exterior wall in need of some warmth and ambiance, this accessory will ensure that your installation process will be smooth-sailing from start to finish. And because of its clean profile, you can trust that it will look great regardless of where you choose to place it in your home.

As one of the leading manufacturers in electric fireplaces, Dimplex is dedicated to providing reliable products that last for years on end. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their selection of accessories, such as this trim accessory kit which makes all aspects of installation easier than ever before! Investing in a quality product such as this will give you peace-of-mind knowing that your new electric fireplace can be installed quickly and hassle-free – making it possible to enjoy its beauty almost immediately!

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Dimplex Ignitexl 100" Trim Accessory Kit