Dimplex Birch Log set Accessory For Revillusion® 30″ Firebox


  • The Dimplex Birch Log set Accessory is perfect for adding a realistic, lifelike look to the Revillusion 30″ firebox.

  • Its natural birch wood finish adds an authentic traditional flair to any living space.

  • The bright white paper-like finish of the birch logs creates an eye-catching contrast that immediately draws attention and adds charm to any room.

  • This kit provides all you need to quickly and easily customize the look of your electric fireplace with true-to-life birch wood.

  • Each set includes pre-sorted and stacked logs that create a realistic, layered appearance just like a real wood burning fire.

  • The included instructions make changing out your existing logs quick and easy, or you can refer to an online instructional video if needed.

  • This log set provides a great alternative to dark toned woods which can be too heavy for some tastes.
  • With this accessory you get the same realism without being too overpowering in darker tones, creating a beautiful balance between modern convenience and traditional aesthetics.
  • The logs are completely safe to use with electric fireplaces as they give off no smoke or fumes when ignited.
  • Furthermore, the material used is tough and durable so it will last for years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance required.
  • If you’re looking for something unique for your electric fireplace, then this kit is perfect for bringing rustic charm into your home with its lifelike birch wood finish.

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The Dimplex Birch Log Set Accessory For Revillusion 30″ Firebox is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your electric fireplace. Made from natural birch wood, this set features crackling logs that are intricately detailed for a lifelike fire experience. The bright white paper-like finish of its birch wood gives off an eye-catching contrast against the gentle flames rising from the grate that cradles them.

This stunning log set is designed to fit perfectly into your Revillusion 30” Firebox, giving you an even more realistic fire experience than ever before. With its easy-to-install design, you’ll be able to change out your logs with ease; included instructions and online instructional video will help you do so in no time! The natural beauty of this log set will make your fireplace look and feel even more inviting and cozy than before.

In addition to providing a realistic looking fire experience, this log set also produces incredible flame effects as well. The 3D effect technology features realistic glowing embers beneath the logs that give off a warm and inviting glow – just like real wood burning fireplaces. And with its adjustable heat settings, you can easily adjust the intensity of your fire to get exactly what look you’re going for.

The Revillusion 30” Firebox isn’t complete without the Dimplex Birch Log Set Accessory – which adds natural charm and elegance to any room in your home. Whether it’s used as a focal point or as part of an existing fireplace setup, this log set will be sure to impress all visitors and create a lasting impression! So don’t wait any longer – upgrade your electric fireplace with the Dimplex Birch Log Set today!

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Dimplex Birch Log set Accessory For Revillusion® 30" Firebox