Dimplex Revillusion 38″ Installation Trim for Model RBF30

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  • • The Dimplex Revillusion 38” Installation Trim for Model RBF30 is a modern, sleek black trim designed to provide a minimalist finish around your fireplace.
    • It is perfect for when expensive stone or tile work is not an option as it frames and finishes the fireplace perfectly.
    • It eliminates the need for a mantle by providing all the necessary finishing touches.
    • The trim is easy to install with instructions included and can be done quickly.
    • It is made of premium materials and has been rigorously tested to ensure its quality and durability.
    • The trim measures 38 inches in length, making it suitable for most fireplaces and hearths of standard size.
    • With its subtle design, it seamlessly blends into any décor while still making an impactful statement in the room.
    • Its durable construction means that it won’t rust or corrode over time and will remain looking new even when exposed to heat sources for long periods of time.
    • It is designed to fit perfectly with Dimplex model RBF30, ensuring that no gaps are visible between the two components once installed.
    • This well-made device also comes with mounting hardware such as screws and wall anchors, so you can easily attach it securely to its surrounding frame.
    • It has an attractive black finish that adds elegance to any living space without overpowering other elements in the room such as furniture or artwork.
    • This product features an easy-to-use installation process that requires minimal tools and equipment so you can get started right away!
    • With its timeless look, this trim kit will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while providing a sense of sophistication and style.
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Download Here

The Dimplex Revillusion 38″ Installation Trim for Model RBF30 adds modern and sleek black accents to any fireplace, giving it a minimalist finish. This metal trim is perfect for framing and finishing the fireplace when expensive stone or tile work is not an option. The installation trim allows for a no mantle setup, allowing you to customize the rest of your design.

The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and can be installed with minimal effort. It’s designed to fit most models of the Dimplex RBF30 series fireplaces and is easy to attach without any need for tools. The trim adds an extra layer of insulation that helps reduce energy costs while providing your home with a polished look.

The high quality aluminum construction ensures durability and longevity so you can enjoy your fireplace set up for years to come. It has been tested extensively and meets all safety guidelines, so you can use it with peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe from harm. This stylish trim will blend in with any decor style, seamlessly blending into your existing space without taking away from it.

This 38″ Installation Trim from Dimplex comes in a variety of finishes including brushed silver, black steel, white enamel or espresso brown so you can choose which one best suits the aesthetic of your home. You’ll appreciate how the trim helps keep warm air trapped inside your living space, reducing drafts while still allowing some natural ventilation at the same time.

The installation trim is also designed to resist corrosion and fading due to its powder paint coating which provides superior protection against rusting or discoloration over time. Plus, its low maintenance requirements make it easy to clean as all you need is a damp cloth and mild soap solution when needed.

So, if you’re looking for an elegant way to frame your fireplace without breaking the bank then this Dimplex Revillusion 38” Installation Trim for Model RBF30 may just be what you need! With its simple installation process and versatile design this trim is sure to give your living space an upgrade in looks as well as functionality!

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Dimplex Revillusion 38" Installation Trim for Model RBF30