Napoleon NEFBD60HE-DTRM, Black Surrounds to Accommodate 2″ X 4″ Wall Installation (for CLEARion Elite Series)

$389.00$432.22 (-10%)

  • The Napoleon NEFBDd60HE-DTRM is a black surround designed to accommodate a 2″ x 4″ wall installation.
  • This trim adds a modern, sleek look to the Napoleon Clearion Elite 50 See-Through Fireplace.
  • It covers any excess depth of the fireplace on the surface of the wall up to 8″, making it suitable for installation in both 4” and 6” walls.
  • With its premium matte black finish and subtle profile, this product is perfect for creating an elegant, contemporary atmosphere in any living space.
  • The Napoleon NEFBD60HE-DTRM features an easy snap-together assembly that requires no tools or special skills for installation.
  • Its durable construction ensures long-term durability and resistance to rusting, as well as protection from extreme weather conditions and other outdoor elements.
  • This product will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, but will also provide superior heat retention performance due to its superior insulation capabilities.
  • The Napoleon NEFBD60HE-DTRM includes mounting hardware for easy installation and can be easily removed if necessary.
  • With its slim silhouette and minimalistic design, this product is sure to provide a touch of sophistication while providing superior functionality at the same time.

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The Napoleon NEFBD60HE-DTRM Black Surrounds to Accommodate 2″ X 4″ Wall Installation is a perfect accent to your modern fireplace. With the Napoleon Black Surrounds, you can install the Clearion Elite 50 in walls with depths as shallow as 4 inches. With its sleek and contemporary design, this black trim helps add depth and dimension to your Napoleon Clearion Elite 50 two-sided fireplace. It also gives a more finished look for installations where the wall depth is less than 8 inches.

This black trim has an easy installation process that takes very little time and effort. All that needs to be done is to snap it into place, making sure it fits flush against the wall surface. The NEFBD50HE-DTRM also comes with a durable powder coating which helps protect against scratches and rusting, ensuring that your Napoleon Clearion Elite 50 remains looking stylish for years to come. Furthermore, it has been designed with attention to detail so that all of its edges are rounded off perfectly and all of its corners meet seamlessly without leaving any noticeable gaps or crevices.

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Napoleon NEFBD60HE-DTRM, Black Surrounds to Accommodate 2" X 4" Wall Installation (for CLEARion Elite Series)

$389.00$432.22 (-10%)

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