Dimplex Glass Pane For Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Electric Firebox


  • Adds a visually striking transparent pane of glass to the Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Electric Firebox, with black edging on the two vertical sides for seamless integration.
  • Suitable for use with the GBF1500-PRO or CDFI-BX1500 when used in conjunction with the CDFI-TMHEAT to ensure safe heat resistance.
  • The sleek 5 feet wide pane of glass provides an unobstructed view from either side of the fireplace, enabling you to enjoy a stunning flame and smoke effect from both rooms.
  • Quick and easy installation allows you to spend less time installing your fireplace and more time enjoying it.
  • Offers a great way to customize the look of your fireplace while ensuring safe operation.
  • High quality, heat resistant glass ensures that your fireplace will last through years of use without losing its aesthetic appeal.

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Bring style and safety to your home with the Dimplex Glass Pane for Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Electric Firebox. This transparent pane of glass is perfectly suited to fit in seamlessly with your existing decor, featuring black edging on the two vertical sides and stretching five feet in length for an uninterrupted view of your fireplace. With this addition to your firebox, you can now safely enjoy the beauty of a realistic flame and smoke effect without worrying about heat escaping from the firebox.

The Dimplex Glass Pane works in combination with the GBF1500-PRO or CDFI-BX1500 (both sold separately) as well as the CDFI-TMHEAT unit (sold separately). This combination ensures both optimal heat resistance and maximum visibility through each side of the firebox so that both rooms can benefit from a beautiful view. The glass pane also helps to keep the flame and smoke effect inside the firebox, providing additional safety when used correctly.

As part of Dimplex’s Opti-myst Pro Built-in Electric Firebox range, this unique pane of glass can turn any fireplace design concept into reality. You won’t have to worry about excessive heat loss or smoke with its superior heat resistant properties; instead, you will be able to enjoy a safe and realistic electric fire experience. The discreet heater within this range guarantees perfect comfort while creating a stunning visual display that is sure to make any room feel more welcoming and cozier.

With its sleek look, minimalistic design, high quality construction, and versatility; there’s no doubt that this innovative product will provide everything you need for a pleasant interior setting. From adding warmth to any room to transforming an outdated space into something chic; the Dimplex Glass Pane provides options for multiple styling needs at an affordable price point. Plus, with over 50 years of experience under their belt you can trust that Dimplex has created an item that upholds all safety standards while providing exceptional performance year after year.

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Dimplex Glass Pane For Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Electric Firebox