Bromic Gas Heat Deflectors For Tungsten – 500 Series Gas Heaters (BH3030012)

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  • You will save energy and money.
  • The heater will be more efficient.
  • You’ll be able to keep your home warmer for less.
  • Your family will thank you for being so resourceful.

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Compatible With
Tungsten Gas – 500 Series
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Product Description

Introducing the Bromic Gas Heat Deflectors for the Tungsten Gas collection – a practical and efficient solution designed to optimize the operation of your heater. Crafted from dual-layer stainless steel, these premium deflectors serve a vital role in reducing the clearance required between the top of your heater and the surface above, lowering it to a mere 14 inches.

This allows for greater flexibility in heater placement, opening up new possibilities for heater location and installation in your space. But the Bromic Gas Heat Deflectors do more than just minimize clearance – they also enhance the performance of your heater by absorbing and redirecting heat that would typically escape vertically.

The result is a more efficient heating system, ensuring that the warmth generated by your Tungsten Gas heater is maximized and evenly dispersed across your space. Experience the combination of improved efficiency and flexibility offered by the Bromic Gas Heat Deflectors, designed to enhance your Tungsten Gas heating system.

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Compatible With

Tungsten Gas – 500 Series

Bromic Gas Heat Deflectors For Tungsten - 500 Series Gas Heaters (BH3030012)