• $2,059.99$2,288.88

    Dimplex Professional Built-In Box With Heat (CDFI-BX1500)

    • Cassette and rear glass accessories sold separately
    • Frame, wire and finish. Basic installation requires fewer tradespeople, no gas lines, venting or chimney.
    • This unit is capable of showcasing double sided viewing areas with its removable high-gloss backer panel for easy conversion. To complete the transition you will need to purchase the rear glass pane sold separately (GBF1500-GLASS).
    • Acts as a solid structure to install fireplace finishes around
  • $1,029.99$1,144.43

    Dimplex 40″ Professional Built-In Box With Heat (CDFI-BX1000)

    • The Dimplex 40” Professional Built-In Box With Heat is an advanced electric fireplace system that provides a realistic flame effect and supplemental heat up to 1000 sq. ft.
    • This unit has been designed to fit into custom cabinetry, providing a clean, built-in look without the need for extensive installation or remodeling.
    • It utilizes Opti-Myst Pro 1000 technology, which produces incredibly realistic flames and smoke with ultrafine water mist for a 3-dimensional effect.
    • It features low energy consumption, adjustable thermostat and flame speed settings as well as an auto shut off timer for energy efficiency and convenience.
    • The built-in box includes an integrated hi-gloss backer panel that can be removed to create a see through design or left in place for single sided viewing.
    • The durable steel construction ensures stability and reliability over the long term, while the included wire and finish make for easy installation that requires fewer tradespeople than traditional gas fireplaces.
    • It also comes with optional cassette and rear glass accessories (sold separately) to complete the transition and allow double sided viewing areas.

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