Litedeer Gloria II 78″ Built In Smart Electric Fireplace (ZEF78VS)

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  • Litedeer Gloria II 78-inch Built-In Smart Electric Fireplace
  • Sleek design with stunning black finish
  • Lifelike flames, adjustable fire sounds, charcoal sparkles
  • WiFi-enabled, smart app control, touch screen, and remote
  • 2 heat settings, heats up to 400 sq ft, plug-in & hardwire options
  • ETL & CETL certified, venting-free, overheat protection, 2-year warranty
  • 5 signature flame colors

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The Litedeer Gloria II  78-inch wonder was more than a mere fireplace; it was a built-in smart electric fireplace that radiated warmth and elegance throughout the home.

As the days turned colder, the family gathered around the enchanting glow of the Litedeer Gloria II. Its dancing flames, skillfully crafted to mimic a real wood-burning fire, cast a mesmerizing spell on those who beheld them. Even as the wind howled and snowflakes swirled outside, the room was filled with the soothing heat generated by this innovative appliance.

The Litedeer Gloria II’s magical powers extended beyond its captivating flame display. With a whisper of a command or a gentle touch of its sleek control panel, it allowed its masters to adjust the temperature and brightness to their liking, ensuring that their abode was always as comfortable as it could be.

But what truly set the Litedeer Gloria II apart from ordinary fireplaces was its ability to integrate seamlessly with the home’s smart system. This allowed the family to control the fireplace remotely, adding an element of convenience to their lives that they had never experienced before.

As the seasons changed and the days grew warmer, the Litedeer Gloria II’s flames were no longer needed for heat. Yet, it continued to serve as a stunning focal point in the room. With the touch of a button, it transformed into an elegant display of gently flickering, cool LED lights that entranced all who gazed upon it.

And so, the Litedeer Gloria II stood proudly at the heart of the home, providing warmth, light, and beauty to its inhabitants. It was a beloved part of the family’s daily life, a testament to the brilliance of human innovation and the comforting power of a good story shared around a mesmerizing fire.




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Weight 159 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 78 × 20 in

Litedeer Homes


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Overall Width (Inches)

Above 70"

Installation Options

Fully Recessed






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Linear View


Litedeer Gloria II 78" Built In Smart Electric Fireplace (ZEF78VS)