Dimplex Revillusion 36″ Built-In FireboxHerringbone,, with Glass Pane and Plug Kit (500002400)

2023 EDITIONAll New Dimplex Revillusion

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  • 36-inch model designed for a significant presence in any room
  • Lifelike flames and full-brick interior for a realistic fireplace feel
  • Mirage Flame Panel to eliminate reflections and enhance flame view
  • Patented Thruview technology allows a clear sight to the back of the firebox
  • Mood lighting with warm hues or captivating midnight mode for customization
  • Efficient operation at 12.5 AMPs with a powerful heat output of 1500 watts

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Fireplace Interior
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Discover the 36-inch Dimplex Revillusion, where innovation meets elegance in electric fireplace technology. This medium-sized model retains the charm of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, incorporating lifelike flames and a full-brick interior, while seamlessly blending with modern lifestyles. Choose the Revillusion, and welcome a captivating, authentic fireside experience straight from a high-end magazine. Step into the world of Revillusion® – a fireplace revolution.

Key Characteristics:

  • Realistic Flame Technology: The 36-inch Revillusion creates larger, more random, and brighter flames that appear from within the logs. This mirrors the dynamic behavior of a genuine wood fire, enhancing the authenticity of the experience.
  • Mirage Flame Panel: Designed with a partially frosted acrylic panel, this unique feature offers a clear, uninterrupted view of the striking flames, devoid of any reflections, thereby adding to the realism.
  • Patented Thruview Technology: The Thruview technology lets you peer through the flames to the back of the firebox, providing a three-dimensional, immersive fireplace experience.
  • Adjustable Mood Lighting: Set your preferred fireside ambiance with various lighting options. Choose from warm, inviting hues or the intriguing midnight mode – the 36-inch Revulsion ensures your fireside experience is just as you desire.


  • Voltage: Designed for compatibility, the unit operates on a 120-voltage system, aligning with standard household electrical circuits.
  • Amperage: With 12.5 AMPs, the 36-inch Revillusion combines performance with energy efficiency.
  • Wattage: Despite its charm, this fireplace doesn’t compromise on function, providing a generous heat output of 1500 watts.

Embrace the art of fire with the 36-inch Dimplex Revillusion. More than just a fireplace, it’s a sensory experience.

Additional information

Weight 74.9 lbs
Dimensions 12.125 × 37.25 × 26.625 in



Width (Inches)


Overall Width (Inches)

30" – 39"

Installation Options

Fully Recessed






Media Option

Linear View


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Fireplace Interior


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Dimplex Revillusion 36" Built-In FireboxHerringbone,, with Glass Pane and Plug Kit (500002400)

$2,499.98$2,777.76 (-10%)

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