Dimplex 3200W Indoor/Outdoor Electric Infrared Heater, Long Wave IR White – 240V, 3200W

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  • Perfect for warming both homeowners and patrons alike
  • Ideal for sitting areas and dining spaces
  • Can be wall or ceiling-mounted
  • DLW Series Indoor/Outdoor Heater

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The Dimplex 3200W Indoor/Outdoor Electric Infrared Heater is a powerful, high-end heating solution that provides an effective and efficient way to keep guests warm and comfortable. Ideal for outdoor or indoor spaces such as patios, dining areas, and sitting areas, the Dimplex heater offers up to 3200 watts of radiant heat that warms like the sun without any glare. With its weather-proof construction rated IP55, this heater allows you to enjoy cozy warmth all year round.

This top-of-the-line heater has been designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Its silent operation means it won’t interrupt conversations or detract from the ambiance of social gatherings. The adjustable poles make mounting easy, allowing you to raise or lower the height of your heater according to your needs. Plus, with permanent hardwired installation options on a dedicated 240V circuit, you can rest assured your Dimplex electric infrared heater will give you reliable performance time after time.

At the heart of the Dimplex 3200W indoor/outdoor electric infrared heater lies advanced technology that ensures maximum heat output while using minimal energy. It also features intelligent temperature control systems that help maintain ideal temperatures without wasting any energy – making it incredibly cost-effective over other heating methods. What’s more, safety features such as automatic shut off at a set temperature guarantee optimal safety in any environment where this unit is used.

Whether you’re looking for an efficient way to keep indoors warm during cold winter nights or wish to extend outdoor entertaining into the cooler months, this cost-effective and stylish electric infrared heater from Dimplex is sure to impress guests with more than just a warm meal!

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Dimplex 3200W Indoor/Outdoor Electric Infrared Heater, Long Wave IR White - 240V, 3200W

$1,839.99$2,044.43 (-10%)

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